Amythest Scottish Dancers set to perform their first Christmas Show

 Holly, snow and mistletoe will be sharing the stage with kilts and bagpipes when the Amethyst Scottish Dancers take to the stage tomorrow afternoon.The Scottish dancers are accustomed to putting on major events, but this is their first Christmas show in the group’s 22-year history. “We’ve done other big performances before, especially a couple of years ago for the 20th anniversary of the troupe,” member Gerry MacPhail said.He said the group is holding a holiday show to raise money for a trip it is planning to the United Arab Emirates in May. “In order to get us to Dubai, we have to do a fair bit of fundraising,” MacPhail said. He said a Christmas show was seen as the best way to raise money quickly.

“We hope that it will be successful and perhaps turn into an annual event.”

The Amethyst Scottish Dancers perform both the traditional dances of Scotland, as well as modern dances based on traditional dances, like the highland fling and the sword dance. One of the troupe’s most popular dances is “the dance you choose,” a traditional Nova Scotian dance.

MacPhail said the Amethyst Scottish Dancers are a very close knit group of performers. The ages of the dancers range from nine to 25. MacPhail said the experienced dancers are supportive of the group’s new members.

“The older ones take the younger ones under their wing,” he added. He said the opportunity to perform overseas came when Caroline Ross, the previous president of the Amethyst Society, received an e-mail from a friend working for American School in Dubai, asking if the dancers would be interested in performing in the MiddleEastern country.

The dancers have, in the past, mounted several summer shows, including Ceilidh on the Dock, which was performed on the Dartmouth waterfront.
While Christmas shows have been discussedbefore, this year’s will be the first by the troupe.

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