Zombie Comic Hits Shelves

For as long as she can remember, Faith Erin Hicks has loved comic books.

“When I was a kid, I really wanted to be a journalist like Tintin,” she said, referring to the popular European comic-book character, created before the Second World War.

When she grew a little older, Hicks began to read more mature comic books, such as Bone. “I enjoy the medium. It’s a wonderful combination of visual art and the written word,” Hicks said.

Now, it’s the Halifax-based artist’s turn to be the inspiration. Hicks released her first comic book, Zombies Calling, last month. The book focuses on the adventures of three university students who try to survive an invasion of zombies using rules from zombie movies when their campus is overrun.

“I enjoy the medium,” she said.

 “It’s a wonderful combination of visual and the written word.” Despite her life-long love of comics, Hicks didn’t consider a career as a comic-book artist right away.

In addition to her love of comic books, Hicks is also interested in animation. After studying animation at Sheridan College in Toronto, she got a job with Halifax-based Copernicus Studios. She also spent five years

writing an online comic strip, Demonology 101, which she estimated would total more than 700 pages of material if printed.

Hicks said there was something satisfying about holding the end result of her hard work in her hands when her first comic book, Zombies Calling was printed.

“That’s very gratifying,” she said.

Hicks said the book, which was released last weekend, had several sources. In addition to zombie movies, such as 28 Days Later and Night of the Living Dead, Hicks also drew on her own school experiences.

“I went through university and college, and I have my giant student loan to deal with,” said Hicks. “I guess it was a good forum to rant about that.”

She also hasn’t rule out the possibility of a Zombies Calling sequel.

“I’m not sure – it’s a contained story,” Hicks said. “But at the same time, I really loved doing it.”



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