Battlestar Galactica explodes with tension

Shocking new twist as Admiral Adama is charged with treason

The tensions that began to build in the previous week’s episode exploded on Friday night as Lieutenant Gaeta and Tom Zarek put their plan into action.

With the assistance of many members of Galactica’s crew, Gaeta was able to sneak Zarek out of his cell in Galactica’s brig and on to a waiting shuttle to be ferried back to Colonial One, the official starship of the President and the seat of civilian power in the Fleet. Gaeta and Zarek were able to bring about their insurrection by sowing dissent among the civilian ships of the Fleet. They were also able to play up on the underlying divisions between the crew of Galactica and the surviving crew members of the Battlestar Pegasus, which was destroyed by Lee Adama at the Battle of New Caprica.

Gaeta and Zarek were able to secure the loyalty of the surviving Pegasus crew by appealing to their loyalty to their commander, Admiral Cain, a legendary tough-as-nails commander in the Colonial Fleet who was murdered by a copy of the Cylon model, most commonly known to fans as Caprica Six, and who Admiral Adama seriously considered having assassinated.

This episode contained some of the most shocking images yet seen in all of Battlestar Galactica’s entire four year run, as the Fleet seems to be in the process of permanently splintering into a pro- and anti-Cylon faction. Among the most shocking was an image of Admiral Adama and Colonel Tigh trapped in an auxiliary airlock as marines cut through the hatch and threw in a grenade, after buying precious time for President Roslin’s shuttle to escape from Galactica. As the series moves towards its endgame it seems that the reckoning between Zarek and Roslin that has been hinted at on more than occasion will finally take place. Edward James Olmos has described the crew of Galactica as being very much like a family. If that is the case, then last week’s episode showed what happened when the various members of the family start to fight amongst themselves. The exact consequences of Gaeta’s rebellion are at this point unclear. With only 39,000 survivors left, it is possible that Galactica will be reduced to a skeleton crew and that the Fleet will be forced to rely on the rebel Cylons for protection.

As Battlestar Galactica moves closer and closer to its finale, it is clear that the producers have no intention of resting on the laurels they have richly earned over the past four years, and intend to use every last frame to ratchet up the suspense until they reach the final explosive conclusion.


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