Battlestar Galactica is Back

The Best Science Fiction Series on Television Returns

The best science fiction series on television returned on January 16 after a seven month hiatus.

Battlestar Galactica picked up immediately where it left off, with Admiral William Adama, President Laura Roslin, Captain Lee “Apollo” Adama, Captain Kara “Starbuck” Thrace, Dr. Gaius Baltar and Colonel Saul Tigh, along with several dozen rebel Cylons standing amid the decayed ruins of New York City.

The first new episode in seven months did little to satisfy the legions of impatient Battlestar fans who have been brimming with questions after the surprise ending of the previous episode before the mid-season break last June. For those not in the know, Battlestar Galactica chronicles the struggle of the last survivors of the human race. After they are attacked by their dreaded robotic enemy, the Cylons, who now have the ability to take human form, the humans are forced to wander the galaxy in search of the mythical planet called Earth.

As is typical of Battlestar the new episodes have raised many more questions than they have answered. Among the many surprises revealed on January 16 was the discovery that the mythical Thirteenth Tribe, often spoken of and speculated about by both characters and fans, were not human, but Cylons. Similarly shocking, was Starbuck’s discovery of her own charred corpse lying amid the wreckage of her own spacecraft. There was also Lieutenant Dualla’s sudden and unexpected suicide as well as Admiral Adama’s attempts to goad Colonel Tigh, his best friend and a recently revealed Cylon, into killing him.

The tension, which was already stretched to the breaking point, stretched even more last week after former Galactica Deck Chief Galen Tyrol, another recently revealed Cylon, asked for full inclusion in the Fleet in exchange for handing over Cylon technology. Equally surprising was the episode’s closing scene, which depicted Vice President Tom Zarek and Galactica operations officer Lieutenant Felix Gaeta plotting mutiny in Galactica’s brig.

A survey of science fiction fan sites on the web reveals that theories abound as Battlestar begins to move towards its conclusion. Already, the possibility has been raised among some fans that the planet seen in Friday’s episode is not actually Earth. Similarly, there has already been a suggestion that Starbuck viewed her corporeal corpse because she is, in fact, a goddess. There is also the question of where will the Colonials go now that they have been forced to abandon Earth.

Battlestar Galactica only has eight episodes left to run, but somehow that does not seem like enough time to unravel all the mysteries that the producers have seeded through the show over the course of its four year run. One thing is certain though, Battlestar Galactica will no doubt end in a way that nobody expects.


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