Battlestar Galactica Tensions Overflow

The tensions that began to over flow in the previous episode, The Oath, finally erupted in this week’s episode, Blood on the Scales.

The uprising engineered by Lt. Gaeta and Tom Zarek continued as they struggled to secure their hold on power. They were oblivious to the fact that their very actions threatened to permanently splinter the Fleet and plunge it into civil war.

Certain elements of Blood on the Scales seemed to be a replay of Admiral Adama’s attempt to remove President Roslin from power at the end of Season One, in the episode Kobol’s Last Gleaming. Just as with Col. Tigh, Lt. Gaeta seemed to be totally unprepared for the pressures and burdens of command. As a result, he allowed his decisions to be influenced by Zarek, a terrorist who survived the initial attack on the Colonies, and was installed as the delegate for the colony of Sagitaron on the Quorum of Twelve. Before Zarek had them all killed for challenging his authority, the Quorum was a government body that was composed of a representative from each Colony that served the President in an advisory capacity.

In the meantime, Marines loyal to Gaeta and Zarek were successful in locating Adama and Tigh in an auxiliary airlock and took them into custody. Adama was then subjected to a sham of a trial in his own quarters, during which he was accused of committing treason and giving aid to the enemy. The trial concluded with Zarek pronouncing Adama guilty and sentencing him to death by a firing squad.

At the same time, President Roslin was aboard the Rebel Basestar, trying to convince the Rebel Cylons to stay with the Fleet, while attempting to broadcast an appeal to the people to resist Zarek and Gaeta.

While this was happening, Apollo and Starbuck were able to successfully free Col. Tigh, Athena, her husband, Captain Agathon, their daughter Hera, Anders and several other Cylons from Galactica’s brig, but not without incident. A stray bullet nicked an artery in Anders’ neck and he nearly bled to death in Starbuck’s arms.

All of this served to provide a distraction for former Galactica Deck Chief Galen Tyrol, who successfully crawled the length of the ship through the air circulation system to Galactica’s machinery spaces, where he was able to shut down the ship’s FTL drive at the last minute.

With the entire Quorum and the Vice President dead, the Fleet’s civilian leadership seems to have completely fallen apart. This is just one of the many plot threads that must be wrapped up as Battlestar Galactica continues to move towards its inevitable conclusion.


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