Revelations continue in Battlestar Galactica

No Exit

Syopsis: No Exit

The Fleet seemed calm on the surface following the suppression of Gaeta’s mutiny in Blood on the Scales

In No Exit, the latest episode of the ongoing sci-fi saga Battlestar Galactica, Anders is in sickbay following head injury he received attempting to break Col. Tigh, Caprica Six, Helo, Athena and Hera out of Galactica’s brig in the previous episode.

While a gunshot wound to the head is serious even by itself, complications arise when Anders, a known Cylon and a member of the so-called Final Five begins to experience flashbacks of his previous life on Earth over 2,000 years ago. What follows is a series of revelations that have the potential to fundamentally alter the relationship between the Cylons and the Fleet. According to the flashbacks experienced by Anders, the Cylons who populated Earth became so advanced that they forgot what they were and began to believe that they were human.

As a result, they developed their own robotic Cylons, who eventually turned on their creators and wiped them out, but not before the Final Five were successful in recreating the Cylons’ ability to resurrect. For the informed, the Cylons had the ability to automatically download their consciousness and memories into a new body at the moment of death through a process called resurrection. This ability was lost by the Cylons on Earth after they gained the ability to procreate naturally. It was also lost to the faction of Cylons lead by the model known to fans as Cavil, after the Colonials destroyed the Cylon Resurrection Hub, in the Season Four episode called The Hub.

At this point, a surprising revelation was made. Ellen Tigh, long believed by fans and characters alike to be dead, and long suspected of being a Cylon was confirmed as such when it was revealed that she successfully downloaded onto one of the Cylon Basestars orbiting New Caprica. She was poisoned by Col. Tigh for informing on his resistance movement and has been alive ever since as prisoner of Cavil, who wants the secret of Resurrection.

However, Anders’ newly resurfaced memories indicate that it isn’t that simple. All of the members of the Final Five played different, but equally important roles in rediscovering the Cylons’ Resurrection ability. It was Ellen who made the intuitive breakthrough that made Resurrection possible.

No Exit also revealed the true extent of Cavil’s sadistic nature. Fans began to speculate recently as to why identity of model seven has not been revealed. In No Exit, a few clues as to the identity and the fate of this model of Cylon were revealed. In one scene Ellen speaks of how Cavil had an entire line of Cylons, known as Daniel, destroyed. Daniel’s programming as an artist is an interesting revelation when coupled with the fact that Starbuck’s father is known to have been a pianist. Along with this, the fact that the main character in the forth-coming prequel series Caprica is named Daniel Greystone has led some fans to suspect that Starbuck may by a Human-Cylon hybrid.

What happens next?

Unfortunately, any further revelations will have to wait. An operation to remove the bullet lodged in Anders’ brain was successful, but left him in a vegetative state at the end of the episode. There is a possible note of hope, however. True to her conflicted programming, Boomer, the Cylon who shot Admiral Adama in the Season One episode Kobol’s Last Gleaming, was last seen with Ellen boarding a small spacecraft, with the intent of returning her to the Fleet and rediscovering Resurrection once again.


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