Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock

The return of Ellen Tigh threatens to divide the Final Five

More questions were raised than answered in Deadlock, the most recent episode of Battlestar Galactica.

Beginning where No Exit left off with, Anders in a coma, Deadlock sees the return of Ellen Tigh. She is not only known to be a Cylon, but one of the architects of Cylon resurrection technology and in a figurative sense, the mother of the eight models who conspired to destroy the human race in Battlestar Galactica’s miniseries pilot in 2003.

In the meantime, Chief Tyrol has been conducting an extensive survey of the damage that Galactica has received over the past five years. He discovered that many of the structural components used to build Galactica were made from inferior materials. As a result, Galactica’s hull is in danger of buckling under stress. The only solution to this problem lies with Cylon technology. Cylon Basestars are coated with a substance that has properties similar to cartilage and bonds with metal, increasing its strength.

Additionally, Ellen’s return to the Fleet has caused divisions among the Final Five. Before he lost consciousness, Anders gave explicit instructions that the Final Five should not leave the Fleet under any circumstances. However, the prospect of Caprica Six’s baby, which was father by Col. Tigh, has changed the equation regarding Cylon procreation. It was believed by the Cylons themselves that procreation was impossible. The birth of Hera, whose mother Athena is a Cylon, and whose father Helo is a human, suggested that Cylon procreation is possible. The possibility of a full-blooded Cylon child led to the belief that the Final Five should leave the Fleet aboard the rebel Basestar, despite Anders’ warning.

This suggestion provided a glimpse into Cylon psychology and society. Among the Cylons, group decisions are made based on a majority vote, the outcome of which binds every member of the group, regardless of how they voted.

While this is happening, Baltar, who has taken the role of a messiah figure, has found that his flock is being preyed upon by other more extreme religious groups who regularly steal their food, medicine and other supplies. In an effort to protect his flock Baltar is able to convince Admiral Adama to give him several cases of military-issue assault rifles, which raises the question of just what he plans to do with this arsenal of weapons.

In sickbay, unusual readings begin to appear on Anders’ EKG machine. Their meaning or purpose has yet to be explained, however, fans have long speculated that both the Colonials and the Cylons are being manipulated by a group of entities known as the Beings of Light. The Beings of Light first appeared in the Battlestar Galactica mythos in the original series, which aired in the late 1970s. Worshipped as angels by the primitive forerunners of the Colonials on Kobol, the Beings of Light are believed to have been responsible for teaching the human race and allowing it to grow and advance. Similarly, fans have come to believe that the Beings of Light have engineered the alliance between the rebel Cylons and the Colonials, as well as the birth of Hera and the resurrection of Starbuck.

One thing is certain, however, as Battlestar Galactica approaches its conclusion, the stakes continue to get bigger and the revelations only more explosive.


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