The Braddock Expedition The Braddock Expedition was a military campaign led by General Edward Braddock, during the French and Indian War, in an attempt to take Fort Duquense  The expedition organized by General Braddock was just one element of a major British offensive that had been planned following the Battle of Fort Beausejour. Braddock’s expedition to the… Continue reading The Braddock Expedition

The Battle of Lake George Fought on September 8, 1755, the Battle of Lake George took place in upstate New York. On August, 28, 1755, British Indian Agent William Johnson arrived at the south end of Lac Saint Sacrement, which he renamed Lake George in honour of King George II. Johnson’s orders were to advance to Crown Point and… Continue reading The Battle of Lake George

The First Nations in the French and Indian War 1756 saw an increase in native raids along the British colonial frontier during the French and Indian War. In April, 1756, about a month after the French victory at Fort Bull, the British colonial militia fought a brief skirmish near Sideling Hill, in Western Pennsylvania with a band of Delawares under the command of… Continue reading The First Nations in the French and Indian War

The Reign of Emperor Galba Coming to power following the death of Emperor Nero, Galba was the first of four Emperors to rule between 68 and 69 AD Born on December 24, 3 BC, as Servius Sulpicius Galba, Galba was born in Terracina, Italy, 76 kilometres southeast of Rome. The Ancestry of Emperor Galba Through his paternal grandfather, Galba… Continue reading The Reign of Emperor Galba

The Battle of Fort Bull In 1756, during the third year of the French and Indian War, the First Nations raided along the colonial frontier. Following the British defeats at Monongahela and Lake George, the British responded by garrisoning a chain of forts built between Lake Ontario and the headwaters of the Mohawk River. The largest garrison was left… Continue reading The Battle of Fort Bull

The Life of Cardinal John Henry Newman A poet, author, philosopher and a Catholic convert, Cardinal John Newman left the Church of England in 1845  John Henry Newman was born in London, on February 21, 1801. At age seven, he distinguished himself in school through his diligence and good conduct. Newman took great delight in reading the Bible, and the novels… Continue reading The Life of Cardinal John Henry Newman