Chapter Twenty-Six

Friendship 7 Earth Orbit Elapsed Mission Time: 04:15:22             Glenn flew out of range of the Hawaii tracking station, and static hissed in his ear. While waiting to acquire the signal from the Point Arguello tracking station, he input a series of commands into the spacecraft’s flight computer. He was still flying manually, compensating for… Continue reading Chapter Twenty-Six

Chapter Twenty-Five

Mercury Control Elapsed Mission Time: 01:45:00            “Flight, Capcom,” said Shepard.             “Go Capcom,” said Kraft.             “Glenn reports no unusual sensations and all systems nominal,” said Shepard.             “Acknowledged, Capcom,” said Kraft.             Kraft pursed his lips. Shepard was probably right. It was probably a sensor glitch, but it was… Continue reading Chapter Twenty-Five

Chapter Twenty-Three

Cape Canaveral, Florida, Launch Complex 14, February 20, 1962, 2:30 AM              Showered and shaved, John Glenn walked into the office of Dr. Bill Douglas.             “Morning Bill,” said Glenn. “How’s the weather?”             “Morning, John,” replied Douglas. “The weather looks good, I’d say 50/50.”  He took out a tongue… Continue reading Chapter Twenty-Three

Chapter Twenty-Two

January, 1962      John Glenn resumed training for his Mercury flight a few days after New Year’s. Not long after the pre-flight preparations resumed, the launched date was postponed, from January 16 to January 23. While Glenn welcomed this, because it gave him additional training time, the launch was imminent and he felt the intense… Continue reading Chapter Twenty-Two