Labour and Wages

            The circular flow model of economics has two main groups of actors, firms and households which interact with each other in three markets, the goods and services, the labour market and the financial capital market. The economy is often described and understood on the basis of what is being produced what is produced, however,… Continue reading Labour and Wages

The Price of Freedom

              It is probably not possible to make a worse assumption about British America, or Spanish America or New France than to assume that any of the European colonization projects were undertaken by normal, everyday middling Europeans who landed serenely and proceeded to do normal, everyday things. For a a start, there was no… Continue reading The Price of Freedom

Clovis Culture

              In 1908, Folsom, New Mexico was struck by a severe flood.  A former slave turned cowboy was surveying the damage to his ranch when he happened upon a huge skeleton in a washed out gully. Right away, he noticed a stone projectile lodged in its ribs. This was the first archaeological evidence of… Continue reading Clovis Culture

Geography and Destiny

A large part of the story of English settlement and exploration in North America is a story of geography. The reason for this is because much of this story revolves around the great ocean inlets that lie on North America‚Äôs east coast. The Hudson River and Chesapeake Bay were attractive to the settlers because they… Continue reading Geography and Destiny

Human Pre-History

              Human pre-history encompasses a period of approximately two million years. The story of human history really begins approximately six million years ago with the evolution of the earliest hominids in East Africa. From here, human pre-history covers a huge span of time, culminating in the emergence of the earliest literate civilizations in the… Continue reading Human Pre-History

Price Controls

            One of the most annoying and confusing aspects of economics lies in the confusion between the concepts of inevitability and desirability. Economists believe that supply and demand are inevitable forces. They are powerful forces that must be taken into account, however, economists do not believe that all outcomes of supply and demand are always… Continue reading Price Controls

Free Blacks in Colonial Virginia

            Many of the enslaved and terrified Africans who were subjected to the horrors of the Middle Passage believed that they were bound for Barbados or Jamaica, along with the other sugar colonies in the Caribbean. At first, only a handful of enslaved Africans were sold to plantation owners on the American mainland. The first… Continue reading Free Blacks in Colonial Virginia

The Peopling of North America

            The facts of the origins of the first human migration into the Americas have been debated for over a hundred years. For many decades archaeologists lacked sufficient tools and adequate data to even begin to answer the questions of when, where and how humans first arrived in the Americas. However, DNA studies have revolutionized… Continue reading The Peopling of North America

The Iliad

            More than any other works, the Tanakh, The Iliad and The Odyssey have had the strongest and most lasting influence on world literature. In his introduction to a collection of essays on Homer, Harald Bloom wrote   The Hebrew Bible and Homer compete for the consciousness of western nations and their belated strife may… Continue reading The Iliad